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Heading 3


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Engagement distances:
- SMG Class: Max FPS 350 w/.20g or 1.14J 15 RPS Max, Full auto, no Minimum engagement. No full auto under 20 feet.


- DMR/Rifle class: Max Fps 450 w/.20g or 1.88j Semi only, 50 foot Minimum Engagement distance.

- LMG class: Max Fps 450 w/.20 or 1.88j Full auto, 20 RPS max, 50 foot minimum Engagement distance. Must be Actual LMG style weapon (RPK, M60, M249, Not M4 w/ drum mag and bipod)

- Sniper class: Max Fps 550 w.20g or 2.81J, Bolt action only, 100 foot minimum engagement and required to have a sidearm.

- Grenades/sounders have a 10 foot kill radius, be cool with this rule.( No pyro grenades of any kind.)


- Night games are "SMG class only".

- Training swords, knives and hatchets (all plastic/rubber) are allowed. Simply touch your opponent with the training knife/butter your opponent. No stabbing, gouging, swinging, smacking or hitting allowed.

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