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Watson And Crick Research Paper

Watson, a 23-year-old geneticist, and Crick, a 35-year-old former physicist studying protein structure for his doctorate in biophysics, both saw DNA’s architecture as the biggest question in biology. Knowing the structure of this molecule would be the key to understanding how genetic information is copied.

  • Crick himself had co-authored a paper on the theory of diffraction of X-rays by helices 5. In late 1951, he and Watson combined that theory with what they knew about the chemistry of DNA, and what...

  • J. D.'WATSON F. H.C. CRICK Medical Research Council Unit for the Study of the Molecular Structure of Biological Systems, Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge. April 2. 1Pauling, I,., and Corey, R. B., Nature, 171, 346 (1953); Proc. U.S. Nat. Acad. Sci., 39,84(1953). 2Jo'urberg, S., Acta Chem. Scand., 6, 634 (1952).

  • TOPIC: Research Paper on Discovery of the Structure of DNA by Watson and Crick Assignment Before the discovery of DNA, it was believed that genes would deliver various hereditary information to the cells. What was not known was: their chemical composition and structure.

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